3:00 – 4:00 p.m., Wait Chapel & Bell Tower Tour
Make plans to join us early for this special opportunity to explore the tunnels and enjoy beautiful views from the top of the bell tower! The tour will include a walk through the passageway underneath Wait Chapel, followed by a climb up through the inside of the clock and bell tower.  There is a hard capacity maximum of 30 people so please RSVP early if you plan to join us for this activity. (Please note that there is not elevator access to the bell tower and the metal spiral stairs are original.)

5:30 – 6:00 p.m., Welcome and Registration
Farrell Hall, Ground Floor

6:00 p.m., Improvisational Movement as a Life Skill
We will experience improvisational movement called IMPROVment, developed by WFU faculty member Christina Soriano.  This method, which encourages self-generated movement for and by each participant, has been an intervention in several scientific research studies for neurodegenerative populations as well as a method to share with intergenerational dance communities. As we consider what it means to age well, Soriano will be joined by her research collaborator, neuroscientist Dr. Christina Hugenschmidt, assistant professor, WFU School of Medicine, in a session that will challenge us to keep moving in a fun and safe environment as well as reveal some exciting data from their shared research.
Farrell Hall,  A27 & A28 Ground Floor

7:00 p.m. Strolling Supper
Farrell Hall Patio

8:00 – 9:00 a.m., Breakfast
Reynolda Hall, Magnolia Room

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., The Call of Prime Time: Reinventing Yourself in the Second Half of Life
Featuring Gregg Levoy, the celebrated author of Callings: Finding and Following An Authentic Life.
This presentation—part lecture and part hands-on seminar—takes a creative approach to not just getting older but growing older. It’s about what inspires passion in your life and what defeats it, how you lose it and how you get it back, as well as keep it flourishing for the duration.

12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m., Lunch with Andy Chan, Vice President for Innovation and Career Development
Andy will moderate a panel of alumni who have undertaken transformations in their careers, including local author and retired news anchor, Cameron Kent (’79) and career coach Bridget Holcombe (’79, P ’07, P ’14).

2:00 – 4:00 p.m., Workshops
Choose Your Adventure – You will have the opportunity to choose a topic that interests you as you explore options for your Third Act.

  • Coloring Inside Your Life – Jan Detter, Adjunct Instructor, Calloway School
    We will spend our artist home visit looking, touching and feeling how art gives us a chance to embrace nature, our personal history and studio experimentation into a more vibrant and colorful version of ourselves. Leave your doubts at the studio door- this is not about mastery, its about the joys of creative mystery.
  • Pro Humanitate: Creating a Community Legacy – Eric Law (’80), Barbara Lentz, Associate Professor, Lisa Quisenberry (’81, MBA ’84), and Margaret Marshall (’84)
    Are you energized by the idea of living your best Pro Humanitate life during your Third Act? Join fellow Wake Foresters as we explore how you can serve others and advocate for your favorite causes. Our panelists will share their expertise in volunteerism, nonprofit management, advocacy, philanthropy and political campaigning, and will help you put your passions and experience into practice for the benefit of humanity.Community Advocacy and Pro Humanitate
  • The Art of Reinvention: Changing Gears and Creating Balance – Shayla Herndon-Edmunds, Diversity Education Program Manager
    For many of us, there comes a time in life when we realize that the life plan that we mapped out years ago has become outdated, misaligned, or was never what we really wanted. We stand at the crossroad of “Doing What We Have to Do” and “Living our Best Life” contemplating which way to go. But what if you create could create a new path? What if balance was possible? What if you could reinvent yourself? If you know that it is time for you to “see”, “embrace”, “ignite”, and “be” the best version of yourself this workshop is for you. Reinvention is not only an art, it is also a gift.
  • Working After Work – Pamela Karr (’74, MAED ’94, P ’09), Program and Admissions Manager
    For those who envision continuing to work as a part of their Third Act life. Most, however, would like work that would allow more freedom and flexibility. Work could be in the same field, a related field, or a totally new field; full-time, part-time, or project based; paid or volunteer.  Participants will generate options and gain knowledge about resources that can help them explore and pursue those options.
  • Finding Your Writing Voice – Ed Southern (’94), Executive Director of the North Carolina Writers Network, Cameron Kent (’79) author, and Maria Henson (’82), Associate Vice President and Editor-at-Large.
    Are you interested in expressing yourself through the written word? Then this workshop is for you! Whether you are interested in writing fiction, memoir or poetry, this session will give you the tools to get started. Our panelists will share tips on how to get organized, hone your craft and share your work with others.

5:00 p.m., Happy Hour

5:45 p.m., Dinner
Interactive dinner with table discussions led by Allison McWilliams (‘95), Assistant Vice President in the Office of Personal and Career Development, to establish “accountability” groups for the next year.